An Exclusive URL Shortening Service

  • What do you do if you get the URL wrong in an already printed QR Code?
  • What’s the difference between a 301 Redirect, 302 Redirect and a 303 Redirect?
  • What’s Link Rot?
  • What country is an URL Shortener’s Domain registered through?
  • Who is actually sustaining shortened URLs and what guarantee do you have they’ll be there tomorrow, or you’ll even be able to contact them when you need?
  • Who are your neighbors in the same URL shortening service? What if your audience mistakes an “8” for a “B” and arrives somewhere unintended? Will their activities impact you, and maybe shut you down?
  • How robust do the analytics and reporting need to be in a URL shortening service?

If none of these questions matter to you then you’ve got no need for a private URL shortening service like Go ahead and use or

If on the other hand, these questions have got you thinking, then you may want to become a member. Only clients and associates of Massive Impressions are given membership. Once a member, you may generate as many shortened  4 character, URLs as you need. Shorter URLs, involving fewer characters, and vanity URLs are available, for example, but not including:

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